About TEG

The Electronics Group is an official body whose main aim is to represent the electronics
trade in the United Arab Emirates.


To represent, interact and advise various regulatory authorities of UAE on policy advocacy, to develop The Electronics Group as a catalyst body to be a strong voice of the electronics industry, to dynamically evolve, support and add value to its members in order to provide high quality products at competitive price to the end consumer.

– Mr. Paras Shahdadpuri, Chairman, The Electronics Business Group

Being a highly influential body, TEG has its voice for the industries and all its members and with time, it aims to expand its network and encourage the members to continue growing their business.

TEG believes in cooperation and collaboration and it always tries to maintain a sense of unity among its members.

Over the years, it has successfully built professional relationships with numerous reputed companies and TEG wishes to further expand its reach in the upcoming years.

Use consistent advocacy and encourage collaboration to trigger further development and growth of the Electronics Industry

We aim to protect all customers from unfair trade practices providing the required support and encouragement for all participating members to work with fair trade practice.


TEG endorses ethical trade practices. We provide a platform for collective action and advocacy, helping to influence policy and improve industry standards.


TEG provides significant value to both its members and the industry. It serves as a platform offering opportunities for members to connect with industry leaders, find mentors, and have access to valuable resources.

Our Founding Members

A group of Visionary Industry Leaders led by ITL Cosmos laid the foundation for the
Electronics Group. These Industry leaders were ITL Cosmos, GECO, Oasis Investment,
Eros Electronics and Al Futtaim Electronics.

Board of Directors

Paras Shahdadpuri

Mr. Paras Shahdadpuri

Chairman, NIKAI Group of Industries & Chairman, The Electronics Group

Shuja Jashanmal

Mr. Shuja Jashanmal

Group Chief Officer, Jashanmal Dept. Stores & Vice Chairman, The Electronics Group

Ashish Kumar Singh

Mr. Ashish Kumar Singh

General Manager, Al Yousuf Electronics & General Secretary, The Electronics Group

Board Members

Ashish Panjabi

Ashish Panjabi

COO, Jacky's Retail, Board Member of The Electronics Group

Sachin Wadhwa

Sachin Wadhwa

Managing Director, Al Futtaim Electronics, Board Member of The Electronics Group

Hamad Al Gurg

CEO, Better Life, Board Member of The Electronics Group

Ravichandran Pattabhiraman

Ravichandran Pattabhiraman

Chief Executive Officer, Eros Electricals LLC, Board Member of The Electronics Group

Nilesh Khalkho

Mr. Nilesh Khalkho

Founder and CEO, Sharaf DG, Board Member of The Electronics Group

Chairman’s Message

Paras Shahdadpuri is a former diplomat with the Indian Foreign Services and has served in various Indian diplomatic missions in China, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Libya. In 1987, he took an unconventional decision of quitting his diplomatic career in favour of entrepreneurship with his initial foray into business in the UK. It was sheer coincidence that he happened to visit Dubai on his way to London and he experienced love-at-first-sight for the amazing city. He soon decided to move to Dubai. He has now been in UAE for 35 years.

Presently he is the Chairman of the Nikai Group of Companies with business interests in electronics, appliances, food, FMCG products, staffing & outsourcing, 3PL logistics and Digital Transformation and Digital Twin solutions. With offices in UAE, Oman, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Georgia, and other countries, the Group employs around 6500 employees.

Recently in late 2022, Shahdadpuri was elected as the Chairman of The Electronics Group representing the electronics industry, a vertical group set up under the aegis of Dubai Chambers. Under his Vision - To represent, interact and advise various regulatory authorities on policy advocacy and to develop The Electronics Group as a catalyst body to be a strong voice of the Electronics Industry, and to dynamically evolve, support and add value to its members by providing high-quality products at competitive prices to the end consumer. – The group endeavors to stay relevant and play a vital role in an industry that contributes over 15 billion AED to the UAE economy.

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